A few things to know about buying goats from Mercer Meadows:

  • All of our goats are purebred Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats… their pedigrees are always online and available at the American Dairy Goat Association website, which is a GREAT source of information about Dairy Goats… we encourage you to check it out and by all means, become a member and register your herd and goats! 
  • We don’t sell any of our goats to be meat goats. We have nothing against raising and eating meat goats, but that’s not what our Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats are for. There are far more appropriate breeds if you’re interested in raising meat goats. 
  • When we sell you a goat, we’ll give you the goat and a pre-filled out ADGA Registration form. If you don’t want to register your new goat, you can pitch the form, but if you do want to register him or her, you can fill in your information and send it in! 
  • We don’t ever want to sell a goat that is going to be by themselves… goats are herd animals, and if they don’t have at least one fellow goat friend, they’ll be miserable and drive you miserable with their bleating.