Ozark Country Loaf

Break open the crust of our classic white bread to find soft and airy deliciousness on the inside. Its full, rustic flavor makes this one a family favorite.

Ozark Whole Wheat

Our rich whole wheat bread has a chewy texture and delightful, slightly nutty flavor! Wholesome and filling, it’s heavenly with butter and jam, for sandwiches or for dipping in beans or soup!

Cranberry and Walnut

Studded with cranberries and walnuts, this rich, nutritious bread has a rich texture and delicate sweetness. It freezes well. Pop it into the toaster and cover it with butter to give your taste buds a sweet and savory treat.


If you’re not familiar with this eye-catching braided bread, after your first bite you’ll be asking yourself how you lived without it for so long. Not only is it sweet and delicious, but its shimmering crust makes your everyday dinner look just a little more elegant.

Cheese or Cheese and Jalapeño Bread

One bite and you’ll be hooked! One of our most popular loaves, our cheese, or cheese and jalapeño bread combines a slight kick of heat with pure cheddar goodness!

Classic French Baguette

This long loaf has a crisp outer crust and is deliciously soft and chewy inside! Tear it with your hands and eat it plain, as the French do,  (or dip it in tomato sauce like the Italians do!) or cut it down the center and make it into an American-style submarine sandwich. However you choose to eat it, the Classic French Baguette is magnifique!